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Art at Telferscot is a creative journey. It encourages the children to explore, experiment and reflect upon their own artwork and the work of others, enabling them to become confident and independent artists. The children gain knowledge of a diverse range of artists and crafts people throughout history and modern day. By the time children leave Telferscot they are confident to take risks with their art, express themselves freely, and share their opinions on their own work and the work of others.  

How Art is taught at Telferscot

The skills, knowledge and experiences to become proficient artists are taught and developed across three main blocks. These blocks follow a school wide theme such as ‘Identity’ or ‘London’ with each year group focusing on a specific medium during each block. This allows children to become familiar with a range of skills and techniques throughout their time at Telferscot. Art is additionally weaved into the wider curriculum through other subjects such as English, DT and History. Sketchbooks are used regularly in year 1 –6 to develop the artistic elements throughout the year. 

Across a child’s time at Telferscot, they will produce creative work while exploring, experimenting and developing their ideas through sketchbooks. They will learn the techniques of drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, digital technology and textiles. The children will also explore, evaluate and learn from a range of diverse artists, designers and craft makers.  

What our children learn about Art


Autumn 1 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 



The children create their own self-portraits using paints. They begin to experiment with making big and small marks using their hands and other tools.  


Festival of Art 

The Nursery children begin to replicate famous London landmarks using pens, pencils, chalk, paint and collage. They will make picture books filled with London Landmarks.  

Our Community and Environment 

During the summer term the children observe and draw different plants. They make pictures using items from the natural environment.  



In Reception the children continue to learn how to make marks by experimenting with different tools and by drawing in different textures. The children express themselves through collage, paint and drawing to make self-portraits.  

Festival of Art 

During the Festival of Art, Reception investigate and discover how marks can be made with different tools and mediums. They look at large landscape drawings and use pens and pencils to draw their own landscapes of London. 

Our Community and Environment 

In the summer, Reception use nature to inspire their own art works. They use leaves, twigs mud and plants to create big pictures outdoors. The children also make maps of the school and draw what they can see in the outdoor areas at school. 

Year 1 

Identity- Painting 

The children explore and experiment with different tools, marks and colours when painting. They learn about the artists Paul Klee and Lynette Yiadom- Boakye. 


Festival of Art 

In this block the children develop their drawing skills and experiment with sketching pencils, charcoal, pastels and crayons to make different marks. They focus on the artists Canaletto and his London landscapes. They explore the work of Yinka Shonibare and his art installation ‘The British Library’.  


Our Community and Environment- Digital 

The children will use iPads to photograph their local area. They will experiment with different digital editing effects and techniques.  

Year 2 

Identity- Collage  

The children will experiment with pattern, shapes, colour, tearing, layering and other collage techniques when creating a piece to reflect their identity. They will explore the works of the artist Billie Zangewa. 


Festival of Art 

During this block the children make progress with their drawing technique when they focus on line, shape and tones. They start to add more detail to their sketches.  


Our Community and Environment- Drawing 

In this block the children will experiment with line and pattern when creating different maps. They will trace over maps and sketch key landmarks. 

Year 3 

Identity- Textiles 

The children create sculptures by weaving different materials and textures. They will show their identity through their choice of fabrics and materials.  


Festival of Art 

During the Festival of Art, Year 3 will experiment with using a range of drawing tools. They will explore different grades of pencils and start to vary their tone in their drawings. 


Our Community and Environment-Painting 

The children will create paintings based on their own observations of the local environment. They will experiment with different effects and textures including washes and thickened paint. 


Year 4 

Identity- Painting 

The children explore faceless portraits painted by the Spanish artist Coco Davez. They will learn how to mix primary and secondary colours and how to make different tints and shades.  

Festival of Art 

During the Festival of Art, Year 4 look at maps of London and develop their drawing skills while producing their own maps. They will explore pattern, texture and tone while using pencils, pastels and charcoal.  

Our Community and Environment-Collage 

The children will produce collages to represent different environments. They will experiment with a range of collage techniques such as tearing and layering. They will select different materials to create textures. 


Year 5 

Identity- Drawing 

The children learn about portrait artists including Donald Rodney and John Sokol. They experiment with continuous line drawings using pencil, pens and charcoal. The children produce continuous word self-portraits to represent themselves.  

Festival of Art 

In this block the children explore the landscape drawings of Stephen Wiltshire. Through carefully observations the children create their own landscapes of London and begin to show awareness of composition and scale.  


Our Community and Environment- Sculpture  

The children create a large-scale sculpture of The River Thames to show the impact of pollution. They use paints, inks, felt tips and crayons to create river textures. The children add recycled materials to represent pollution. 


Year 6 

Identity- Digital 

During this art block Year 6 study the photographs by John Stezakar. The children use their own portrait photos and use online graphics tools to manipulate the images. The children learn how digit images can be edited by layering.  


Festival of Art 

The children focus on proportion, scale and perspective when drawing famous London landmarks. They begin to learn about single point focus and horizon line. During this block the children develop their drawing skills through observations and analysis of their work and the work of others.   



Our Community and Environment-Printing 

In this block the children experiment with printing. They learn how to make relief and impressed prints and how to layer their prints with pens, paint and crayons. They create their own maps by layering different prints.  

How we enhance our children's experience of Art at Telferscot

The children have many opportunities to widen their artistic experiences and knowledge at Telferscot. These include trips to art galleries and museums, illustrator workshops and talks from parents and members of the local artistic community. The children also learn about different artists throughout the year during assemblies. We hold an annual Festival of Art and Literature where the children showcase their work for family and friends. During the Spring term, Telferscot enters children’s artwork for The Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show competition. The children also have the opportunity to continue to build upon their artistic skills through our very popular Arts and Craft after school club.