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Design and Technology

At Telferscot DT is our focus in 3 specific blocks over the course of the year. Teaching DT for a focused period allows children to research, design, produce and evaluate high quality products and engage with a broad range of materials and techniques.

Our DT teaching focus on the key skills set out in the National curriculum:

Design – Every project children participate in whilst they are at school has a clear design process. Children evaluate products like the ones they will produce, consider their target audience and plan a design based around this research. As children move up through the school the design process, they use will become more detailed and developed, including using computing skills to create detailed digital designs.

Make – Children gain access to a broad range of materials and skills over the course of their time at Telferscot, focusing on different materials commonly used to construct the items we use in our daily lives. Children get the opportunity to use card, clay, wood, mod-rock, and many other materials of increasing complexity. Children learn and practice the appropriate technical skills and use of tools to interact with these materials in a safe and purposeful way. Our DT curriculum is focused on providing the technical knowledge to help children reach their design specification.

Evaluation – Children evaluate a range of products to develop their own design parameters. Children enjoy the opportunity to evaluate their own products as part of their DT learning, evaluating their own success, what could be improved upon, and using critical thinking to improve their own learning.

Cooking and Nutrition – as part of a diverse DT curriculum children get the opportunity to develop their knowledge of nutrition and cookery in DT. This DT area has strong links to our Science and PSHE teaching and Telferscot’s status as a healthy school!

Telferscot’s DT curriculum focuses on developing the design skills of all children across the school, whilst doing this we also focus on creating inspiring learning that focuses on tangible outcomes that children can be proud of. DT at Telferscot is a fun and inspiring subject that offers clear products and the skills needed for pupils to become the creators of the future.