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Diversity is a core value at Telferscot which we hold at the top of our school priorities. At the end of your child’s time at Telferscot, they should have a wider knowledge and understanding that any child can achieve anything no matter their gender, race, religion or disability.

All children should have an increased understanding of the importance of a diverse community, which they can see represented in the local community as a role model. Telferscot believes that embedding diversity and inclusion in our curriculum and school life will give children the foundations to continue being inclusive going forward in life.


How diversity is taught at Telferscot

Diversity is taught in every lesson throughout the year. When planning lessons, teachers ensure they include a sense of diversity where applicable.

Children should understand and incorporate the British values into their everyday lives. Throughout their years at Telferscot, children will learn about diverse role models, special events to celebrate diversity (Windrush Day, World Down’s Syndrome Day, Pride month etc.) and have access to a range of amazing diverse books and resources. Experiencing all of these elements of diversity can build a child’s awareness and respect.

What our children learn about diversity

We have a very inclusive curriculum that covers many aspects of diversity, here are a few examples:

  • Art – artists from a range of cultural and social backgrounds are studied.
  • Geography – considering different perspectives to encourage the children to think differently about the world.
  • History – is representative and inclusive of all our children.
  • Science – different role models, female scientists, scientists from around the world.
  • Computing – women in STEM, neurodiversity.

How we enhance our children’s experience of diversity at Telferscot

Telferscot always welcomes parents and carers to visit the school to share their jobs, religions, cultures and talents with the children. We have been visited by an amazing Year 6 dad who came in to talk about Black History and how the world would be without these amazing influential people. Another wonderful parent came in to talk about the religious festival of Diwali.

Diverse authors, illustrators and artists have been invited during our festival of arts and literature to share different careers.

We have also been very fortunate to go on amazing trips that help celebrate diversity. The Year 6 trip RAF Hendon included the ‘Pilots of Caribbean’ and the Year 3 British Film Institute trip, which was an Anti-Bullying session, are a flavour of some of the wonderful experiences Telferscot offers.

More trips to places of worship have also been organised during our RE blocks at school.