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Modern Foreign Languages

The modern foreign language taught at Telferscot Primary School is French. We are proud to speak over 30 different mother tongue languages at the school, and in choosing French as our key modern foreign language, we hope to enjoy the multiple cultural and cognitive benefits of most children learning a new language from scratch. 

French is taught to KS2 classes by a specialist teacher. Planning acknowledges the requirements of the National Curriculum and our curriculum is enhanced with a broad range of additional resources and activities. 

Typically, and over the course of their French learning journey at Telferscot, children will read original French texts (stories, plays, graphic novels, poems, articles), watch French films selected to enhance their learning, write sentences, paragraphs and presentations based on current topics, learn numbers and the alphabet, talk about their families, hobbies, preferences, the weather, holidays and school as well as learn about the wider French-speaking world, including celebrations and festivals in those countries.   

Often these activities are supported through music, drama and ICT, and recent examples include learning songs in another language for our Languages Day song festival, writing and filming a French speaking tour of the school for the Telferscot website, making a French speaking version of a Perrault fairytale on Puppetpals, performing a French speaking pantomime and visiting the BFI for a day of interactive French activities based around animations and films. 

Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 have a weekly hour-long French class, enabling them to focus on all aspects of language learning, including writing.  Each child has their own French exercise book which is used to support ongoing learning (vocabulary, numbers, grammar points), as well as develop confident French written work in anticipation of their transition to KS3.