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Music is at the heart of a creative curriculum, and all pupils are able to access and enjoy the recognised benefits of a musical education. Each pupil attends Singing Assemblies, and pupils from Years 1-6 have weekly classes in our well-resourced Music Studio, where they actively and creatively participate in developing a range of musical skills.

Typical progression through Infant and Junior classes includes familiarising pupils with musical concepts including rhythm and pulse, as well as various forms of notation, composition, rote learning and improvisation, all of which is reinforced through singing, movement and playing instruments. These key musical elements are covered through a broad range of topics and musical styles, celebrating the diverse cultures of the school and the world around us, past and present. All learning is supported by internal and external performance opportunities, as well as concert visits and visits by professional musicians.

Our Music Curriculum

Year 1
Musical Foundations: following signals and instructions; circle games and movement based activities focusing on pulse and rhythm; working as a groupand playing/singing with others.

Year 2
Storytelling Through Music: exploring pitch, melody, instrumentation, tempo and dynamics to tell musical stories, in preparation for a visit to the LPO animated performance of The Gruffalo.

Year 3
Musical Ensembles, The Orchestra: practising formal notation and short compositions in the treble clef and linking it to orchestral instruments and composers, including Prokofiev and Beethoven.

Year 4
West African Music, the djembe: learning the history and context of the djembe as well as key strokes and rhythms in a class ensemble. Pupils also learn drum notation as well as by rote, and write and improvise their own rhythms and sequences.

Year 5
Shakespeare & Music: pupils study the varied music of composers and musicians influenced by Shakespeare, including Akala, Mendelssohn and Britten. They also write their own incidental music as well as learn a class song to be performed in the Autumn Shakespeare production at RADA.

Year 6
The Blues/Ukulele:
To celebrate black history month and diversity week, pupils study the origins of the blues and its journey to the present day. They learn to sing and play 12 bar blues on the ukulele, and write and perform their own blues songs.


Telferscot pupils are encouraged to share their hard work and musical abilities through various performance opportunities. These include small informal class performances, Telferscot’s Got Talent, and the annual Telferscot Showcase, as well as participation in the Lambeth Festival Infant Choir concert at the Royal Festival Hall, and the Voice in A Million Concert, alongside 5000 other children, at Wembley Arena.

Concerts & Workshops

We support music teaching and learning, and enrich our curriculum, by making the most of London’s cultural resources and close partnerships with the Southbank Centre and other organisations. Recently pupils have attended concerts at Graveney secondary school; a Steve Reich 80th birthday concert at LSO St Lukes; Stomp the musical; gamelan and percussion workshops and the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s The Gruffalo animated concert.

Cluster Schools Music Enrichment

We share our outstanding music practice with other schools in our cluster.

Our most recent event developed a ‘cluster band’ of 30 ukulele players. Year 5 pupils from Telferscot and from four local schools were chosen to spend the day making music together and honing their singing and ukulele playing skills for a performance at the end of the day.

Infant Choir

All Year 1 & 2 pupils are invited to attend Infant Choir held on Friday lunchtimes at 12.30-1.00 in the Music Studio. Infant Choir have performed in school events, and look forward to taking part in the Lambeth Festival amassed infant choir performance at the Southbank Centre in the Spring.

Junior Choir

KS2 pupils audition to be part of the 60 strong Junior Choir, which takes place on Tuesdays in the Music Studio from 3.45-4.45. The children regularly perform in school events, have sung at Wembley Arena and are looking forward to taking part in the Lambeth Festival in 2018.


Lambeth Music Service

Lambeth Music Service runs many opportunities for children (and parents) to engage in musical activities, including instrumental lessons and playing with others in a range of ensembles. Saturday activities take place at Clapham Park Centre, Richard Atkins Primary School, Kingswood Road, London SW2 4JW. For general enquiries please call 020 7091 1240 or look at their website https://www.lambethmusic.co.uk/