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The PSHE (Physical, Social, Health Education) curriculum at Telferscot is broad and varied. We have made sure that our curriculum fits around the children and their needs; it covers a range of topics which will enable children to build on their learning year after year.


PSHE is taught every week in class through lessons and circle time. At Telferscot we also subscribe to Votes for Schools which is an online platform where children can access current topics and discuss them as a class. PSHE accounts for at least an hour a week and more if the class teacher feels it is necessary.


All year groups start the school year in September with a Rights and Responsibilities topic which links to UNICEF children’s rights, this then feeds into learning about how to look after our environment. We finish the Autumn term with a unit on Money which teaches children where it comes from and how to manage it.


In the Spring and Summer terms children begin to focus on themselves, their health and wellbeing and positive relationships. There is a separate unit for Relationships and Sex Education which is taught in the Summer term.


Rights Respecting

We are a silver UNICEF Rights Respecting School which means children’s rights are taught through every topic, children are aware of their rights through classroom and whole school displays and we encourage them to become citizens of the world. Telferscot’s curriculum and it’s PSHE curriculum reflects this explicitly.


Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) 

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we spend six weeks in Summer 1 teaching pupils across the school, about relationships and health and in Year Six, children learn about sex.  


We have carefully developed our RHSE curriculum in accordance with government guidelines, ensuring we teach the statutory topics: relationships and health. We aim to teach these in a personalised and holistic manner. Through consultation with pupils, families and staff our RHSE curriculum is reflective of the changing world and equips children with the tools needed to understand and navigate it. 


Pupils start their school life learning about families and friendships, moving onto learning about healthy relationships and the differences between males and females including body parts. As pupils move up the school some of the key topics they learn about are: online safety, consent, puberty and respecting each other’s differences. 


Whilst sex education is not statutory at primary school, we have decided to teach it in Year Six. We believe it is important to teach pupils facts and build upon the science curriculum where they learn about reproduction. This prepares them for secondary school when sex education does become statutory.  


Please feel free to contact Miss Choudhry, the PSHE lead at schoudhry@telferscot.co.uk for further information. 


Votes for Schools

Every week, children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have a "Votes for Schools" lesson. In each lesson a different issue is discussed based on local, national or international current events. Children listen to different points of view and give their opinions in a vote at the end of the lesson. More information about Votes for Schools can be found at https://www.votesforschools.com/ 


PSHE Long Term Curriculum

RHSE Long Term Curriculum