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Remote Education Offer

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education if local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home.  

For details of what to expect where individual pupils are self-isolating, please see the final section of this document. 

The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home 

A pupil’s first day or two of being educated remotely might look different from our standard approach, while we take all necessary actions to prepare for a longer period of remote teaching. 

What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day or two of pupils being sent home?  
Once the school is notified of a full or partial school closure, an email will be sent to parents notifying them of the decision and will inform them that home learning will be posted on Microsoft Teams the following day. A supplementary email will be sent from class teachers with a learning timetable. Assignments are posted each day by 9.00am, which will contain a mixture of worksheets, resources and guidance for children. There will also be a mixture of live interactive lessons and instructional videos posted by the teacher. Children will submit work throughout the day. 

Following the first few days of remote education, will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?  
Yes, each day in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 there will be English and Maths work for the children, set at an age appropriate level, in addition to topic work, which will follow the school’s long-term curriculum plans. All content will meet the expectations of the National Curriculum.  

Remote teaching and study time each day 

How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day? 
In line with statutory guidance, Telferscot children will be provided with, on average, three hours of core curriculum content daily. However, additional resources and activities are also posted on Microsoft Teams to supplement this.  

Accessing remote education 

How will my child access any online remote education you are providing? 
All families are provided with log in details for Microsoft Teams to access remote learning. If families encounter any difficulties accessing Teams, please contact your class teacher in the first instance. 

If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education? 
We survey parents to ascertain the level of IT access at home and any families that do not have internet access will be given internet dongles to enable them to engage with the remote learning offer. Laptops are also loaned out to families requiring additional devices. 

How will my child be taught remotely? 
We use a combination of approaches to teach children remotely, including: 

  •    Live and interactive online teaching sessions through Microsoft Teams 
  •    Teaching videos recorded by teachers 
  •    A range of e-Books 
  •    Class worksheets  
  •    Resources from websites supporting the teaching of specific subjects or areas, including video clips and sequences 
  •    Long term project work 

Engagement and feedback 

What are your expectations for my child’s engagement and the support that we as parents and carers should provide at home? 
We have expectations that all pupils engage in the remote learning offer. The school recognises that parents will be able to offer differing levels of support depending on their other work life commitments and responsibilities. The learning timetable is shared with parents and engagement is monitored through Microsoft Teams. Teachers review the work submitted and provide feedback accordingly.  

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns? 
Teachers monitor attendance on all live calls and also the children’s engagement with the materials and work posted on Microsoft Teams. In our experience, we frequently have high levels of engagement with our remote learning offer. Teachers will contact families with low engagement to offer support and assistance. Furthermore, the Pastoral Lead is in regular contact with families who may need greater support. 

How will you assess my child’s work and progress? 
Children’s work is submitted, marked and feedback is given via Microsoft Teams. 

Additional support for pupils with particular needs 

How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education? 
All children with EHC plans are invited to attend onsite. A bespoke online package is delivered to those who are unable to attend school, which include one to one online sessions with their named Teaching Assistant. The SENDCo offers close support for children and families throughout periods of school closure. 

For our younger children (EYFS) we adapt our remote learning offer to make activities as accessible as possible. Although these will require some adult input at home, we try to ensure that online teaching is as interactive and engaging as possible.  

Remote education for self-isolating pupils 

Where individual pupils need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, how remote education is provided will differ from the approach for whole groups. This is due to the challenges of teaching pupils both at home and in school. 

If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above? 
Teachers offer work packs for children and will also provide email support for families.