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The Telferscot Curriculum

Our school has a commitment to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum and Early Years framework.

Our School Curriculum follows all the requirements of the National Curriculum but we are proud to offer a much broader curriculum than that, making the most of many and varied opportunities in London and around the country to broaden and enrich the curriculum for our children. The emphasis is on British Life, Society and History.

The National Curriculum provides the school with the outline of knowledge, skills and understanding that we are required to cover in school. We choose to teach much of this through creative, cross-curricular themes where children will learn different strands of the curriculum from a range of subjects, all within one common theme for a term. The curriculum has a strong commitment to equal opportunities, diversity and multi-cultural values and ensures that all children enjoy success and high standards.

We aim to teach our curriculum in an engaging, interesting and stimulating way primarily through a thematic approach. The school runs a framework of study that is based on the individual subject guidance and our commitment to topic work that makes links between subjects. In planning learning for children, every teacher ensures that learning is fully embedded in real life skills that promote lifelong learning. 

Click here to download English and Mathematics Learning Goals for each Year Group.


Want to know even more? Please see government information on the National Curriculum.