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School Improvement Priorities 23/24

Every year, all schools choose specific areas that they would like to develop and focus on. Following a school self-evaluation, along with feedback from parents, carers, children and staff, we have decided on the following school development priorities for this academic year:

1. Closing the achievement gap

Every year, this is one of our school development priorities. There is a national and local gap in the attainment of children from groups at risk of underachievement when compared with their peers. Without constant scrutiny, gaps can grow and children can end up working months, if not years behind their peers by the time they finish their secondary school education. We will continue to closely monitor the achievement of groups of children at risk of underachievement and allocate resources to ensure all children reach their full potential.

2. Further developing adaptive teaching and learning so all children are able to succeed to their full potential

With an increase in the number of children with a range of additional needs, our focus will be to continue to develop teachers and teaching assistants’ in-class support strategies for all children so they can meet their full potential. We will build on our Challenge for All work from 22/23 and provide further training for staff on how to support children with additional barriers to learning.

3. Develop the teaching and learning of Mathematics across the school

Over the last couple of years, we have developed the teaching and learning of Reading and Writing across the school. Whilst standards in Mathematics across the school continue to be high, we will be working to ensure NCETM materials and resources, along with the latest best practice research, is embedded across the school.

4. Maintaining our standards and offer in an increasingly challenging landscape

Due to a decrease in real-terms funding, resources available, and a changing landscape in education, our school needs to adapt and be agile to preserve our offer. We will be looking at potential partnerships, funding streams and support to ensure we can continue to deliver a high-quality education to our children.