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Speaking and Listening

Our aim is to support and encourage the children to develop their speaking and listening skills during their time at Telferscot so they can perform creatively, reason and explain their learning, maintain positive communications with their wider community and connect with others. Pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills, speaking and performing to growing groups in a variety of settings. Our pupils should leave Telferscot with the confidence to express themselves and use their voices.  

How Speaking and Listening is taught at Telferscot

Speaking and Listening skills are interwoven across the curriculum. Teachers model this behaviour through their teaching and encourage children in all lessons to develop their skills. Referring to class displays that are made in collaboration with the children to outline and encourage speaking and listening skills. Children are encouraged to present to their classmates, sharing ideas and working in a range of group settings with adults guiding teamwork and sentence stems.  

Throughout the week the pupils take part in Votes for School sessions, researching and debating current affairs and topics before voting to express their point of view. Between 2-3 times a week, the children partake in Book Club sessions. Here they listen intently to stories, explore new vocabulary and develop their comprehension skills.  

Children are read with daily and weekly, developing their confidence and expression. Each class is also paired with a class from a different age range for weekly Reading Buddy sessions. This time is used to read books to each other, listen to a different age reading and sharing work. 

Throughout their time at Telferscot, children develop these skills in six key areas: listening skills; following instructions; drama, performance & confidence; vocabulary building & standard English; speaking for a range of purposes and participating in discussion, building on their skills year on year. Teachers monitor and assess the children’s spoken language skills throughout the year.  


What our children learn about Speaking and Listening


Performance Opportunity 





Year 1 


Year 2 


Year 3 


Year 4 

Story Seekers 

Year 5 

Shakespeare in Schools Festival 

Year 6 

End of Year Production 

How we enhance our children's experience of Speaking and Listening at Telferscot

There are several opportunities for children throughout the year to showcase their talents and push themselves. These range from presenting in class to official examinations. All pupils at Telferscot are given the opportunity to enter for annual LAMDA examinations, assessing them on their ability to recite poetry, discuss ideas and respond to questions. Children receive certificates after passing and have the opportunity to be assessed at the next level the following year. Poetry recitals are held for the children to share their work with their peers and end of term assemblies showcase some of the achievements made throughout the year. Performances are made throughout the year for other classes, parents and members of the local community, often encompassing a wide range of skills such as singing, reciting and dancing.