Wellbeing week

21 Jan 2020

This week we celebrated as a school Wellbeing Week. Each class had the chance to take part in a special activity designed by the teachers surrounding this central theme, and it was lovely to see how creative they were with it. Some took part in exploring breathing and de-stressing strategies, others experimented with expressing their feelings through collage, and some expressed themselves through dance! A big thank you to all the teachers that threw themselves into the week and contributed with all their creative ideas.

This week the Explorers have been focusing on other aspects that have changed and adapted through time. They looked at a variety of skills in junk-modelling and they then had the chance to create their own futuristic toy using a range of junk-modelling media and materials; cardboard boxes, plastic pots, paint and glue, and they adored the chance to show off their wonderful creativity! 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Mrs March xx