Easter Challenges

06 Apr 2020

Good Morning Reception!

We hope you managed to enjoy some of this beautiful ☀️ this weekend, while staying safe! 

This feels like a strange one to write, as not much is really changing but we wanted to give you some longer project ideas for the Easter Holidays as we won't be blogging each day with daily tasks.  Please do as many or as few as works for your family, the list isn't extensive and all you have to do is google Easter crafts and activities and there is a wealth of prompts and ideas to choose from, but here are just a few to get you started........

Firstly we would like you make an Easter Bonnet they can be as elaborate as you like, maybe you could raid your recycling to use. Once you've made it take a photo and we will try to have a virtual bonnet parade.

Remember the Eco home learning challenge from Miss Keegan? We would like you to make something using your recycling - it can be anything! Have a read through the challenge information stuck in your home learning book. Why not try to make a marble run/sensory board that you could put oats or rice through....


Can you make an Easter Egg wreath? I made this one using the brown card that a well known delivery company sent me a package in! I used a side plate as a template to draw round for the wreath and then cut out egg shapes, we all had a go decorating the eggs.  We used felt tips and paint sticks but you could use anything you have at home and then stuck them onto our decorated wreath ready to stick on our front door. I wonder if many people will do this and how many you might see on your daily walk?

While enjoying your books at home, play book bingo and see how many of the squares you can find in your books.  Everytime you read about one (or more) of them tick the square until you have completed the whole board. Bingo!

Have a little look on espresso, there are so many activities and videos all about Easter

Can you paint a blossom tree using a cotton bud? What colours would you need? 

What about making an Easter card for someone? Don't forget to write a message inside so the recepient knows who wrote the card.

Make a snack and a watch a film as a family, maybe Peter Rabbit or Hop.

If you have any flour and salt at home perhaps you could make some salt dough easter decorations to decorate your home with.  Maybe decorate the eggs with repeating patterns.

Click here for Salt Dough recipe

We also thought it might be nice for you to do a Forest School inspired activity because we know how much you all enjoy Forest School with Mr Simon...Can your adult make you a Nature Trail like the one below...it can obviously be adapted! 

Attached below are some Mindful Easter Colouring activities (for children and adults!) and some pencil control activities. 

Check out the separate Reading blog for how to get your hands on some phonetically appropriate reading books. 

 Don't forget to email us your pictures of all your lovely activities, they really brighten our days.




We will be blogging again on Easter Monday 13th of April with a photo gallery of all your lovely work and a story from us to you as a little Easter gift. 
Daily weekday blogging will resume from Monday 20th.