04 Dec 2019

This week the Explorers have been learning all about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. They looked at how Jewish people celebrate this holiday, why they celebrate it and looked at some artefacts e.g. Menorahs, Dreidels and skull caps. They then got busy creating synagogues out of junk modelling and adding candles to Menorahs. We then ended the week talking about how different or similar the celebrations are that we have learnt about so far. 

The Explorers have been so excited this week as we've been rehearsing for our Christmas play! They are learning the words and actions so beautifully and are singing along with such gusto already, it's sure to be a fantastic occasion. They have been told that they will be the angels in the play and will have a song to perform which willl include some actions too! Thankyou for signing up for tickets for the play, and if still have yet to, do email Mrs Priest and she will help you out.

They will need to bring in by Friday tomorrow (6th) plain white, silvery or gold clothing, and no wings please as they sometimes get in the way! Please bring in their costumes in a labelled bag.

There will also be the Winter Fair on Saturday 12-3pm so please pop along as it is sure to be very festive! 
Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs March :)