Black History continued!

14 Oct 2019

This week we have been thinking about people who live in different countries. Therefore, we have been reading different books by Trish Cooke which focus on this e.g. 'So Much', 'Not so fast', and 'Songololo', so as to illustrate and gain an understanding of this theme. We focused particularly on the theme of migration and the children were lucky enough to hear firsthand experience from Miss Jolly as she spoke to them about her own life as she grew up in Uganda and migrated to the UK in her mid teens. She also gave them an amazing show as she showed them how to play her traditional African drum, and they joined in with her wholeheartedly!

The children's work is looking amazing in our classroom, their African necklaces and Adinkra repeated patterns - these will all be ready for general viewing tomorrow! Do take your child to view and admire their beautiful handiwork :) Harvest assembly will be at 9am and then there will be a chance to peruse your child's work in the classroom, so just to confirm, there will be no Remarkable Reading this week.

We hope you have an amazing half term break and we will see you in a week's time!
Much love,

Mrs March xx