Year 6LA

Run, run as fast as you can!

12 Mar 2020

Welcome back to the 6LA blog, families, friends and superfans!


This week we have been preparing our whole school STEM project- to create a container for the gingerbread child and his family to cross the river, as inspired by the classic story of 'The Runaway Gingerbread Man'. Given we are in Year 6, we have imposed an added challenge- the children can only use four materials, and cannot use a ready-made container. It has been great to see some of the projects that teams have made work. I can't wait to see today whose container will be able to carry the most weight! Check out some of our great work in our pictures and also Twitter feed!


We have also been using this week to prepare for our upcoming SATS Mock Week next week. Our children have been drafting and editing two fantastic pieces of work linked to our Science work: one piece explaining how animals are adapted to their environment and a biography piece of writing about various female scientists in history. I'm looking forward to sharing examples of this work on our blog soon!


Please be aware that next week I will be out of class, leading the Osmington Bay trip for Year 5. My class in Year 6 will be lead by Mrs Priest to support out children with their Mock SATS preparation and the start of our Arts and Literature Festival. Also, Miss Wallman has concluded her time with us, as she prepares to join the police force and we are now supported by Mr Day. We thank Miss Wallman for all of the hardwork she has invested in our class!


Remember- do come to our Arts and Literature fair this Saturday to try out some of the available creative opportunities! Also, if you are wanting to have books signed by some of our authors who are coming into school next week, this can be booked in advance online!


Until next time,


Mr Anderson and Mr Day