Year 6LA

What is the fruitest subject of all? HISTORY- because it is full of DATES!

16 Jan 2020

Welcome back to the 6LA blog families, friends and fans!


This week, we have been building on our learning about World War II by establishing the causes of the war, learning more about the leaders of the Allies and Axis Powers and finding out about how the Blitz affected Balham. We have uncovered some brilliant facts about each leader- did you know that Mussolini was expelled from school for injuring another child? Or that Hitler had a cat named Schnitzel and hated all forms of exercise? Or that Churchill had a heart attack in 1941 that was kept secret from the British public?


Check out these pictures of the bombings of Balham- can you spot where in Balham it took place? If you would like more information about these bombings, why not read more here:


Finally this week, don’t forget that tomorrow we will be having a very special guest- the Commonwealth Games rings gold medalist, Courtney Tulloch. Check out this videos about him and what to expect tomorrow! and


Remember: it is Sports Mufti tomorrow- please dress for athletics and bring in £2 for this fantastic opportunity!


Until next time,

Mr Anderson and Miss Wallman