Year 6LA


19 Sep 2019

Welcome 6LA friends, families and fans!


As you may have heard, this week I presented the children with my breakfast in Science- a cereal slice that I had bought fresh that morning only to discover it was covered in mould! Inspired by this, we have begun an investigation into how mould develops and we are awaiting the results of this over the next week. Tune in next time to see whether moisture, air exposure or warmth is the key catalyst for mould!


Check out this video to see how quickly mould can grow:


Also this week Mrs Priest and I have been teaching Wonder together in class. Unfortunately, relations between us have become strained after Mrs Priest (our assistant headteacher) hurled an ice pack at the back of my head. Although the emergency services have reassured me that I have no long-term injury, we have agreed to work together to show our 6LA class how we write an account from two biased perspectives. I was delighted to read how fairly children described the monstrous Mrs Priest in my lesson.


Please be aware that on Friday this week we have International Evening, from 6.30pm - 8.30pm- I do hope to see many of you there! If you are unsure what to make, please refer to for ideas!


See you all then!

Mr Anderson (and Mrs Hughes when she is feeling better!)