Year 6LA


17 Oct 2019

Welcome back 6LA friends, families and fans!

This week, we have been continuing our Black History Month work on 'Refugee Boy' by Benjamin Zephaniah where we have started to look at the perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers in the British media and how this impacts upon Alem, our main character. We do hope you'll be able to come into class on our Open Morning on Friday! 

We have also had our whole school harvest assembly, which for a second year running is in partnership with the Trussell Trust to stop world hunger. Have a look at their website below, to see what donations they are in need of and how these are used. Remember that we will be collecting donations for this tomorrow morning at the front of the line at registration.


Today we have been working with Equaliteach. Check out their aims below to find out what we have been working on!

During their workshop, our Year 6 children have been encouraged to think about…

· How their opinions are formed

· Where they get their information from

· How believing in false information can hurt them and others

· What they can do to check their facts and treat others fairly


Do ask our lovely Year 6s how they have found this workshop!


Until next half term!

Mr Anderson and Mrs Hughes