Year 6LA

I've got chills... they're multiplyin'... it's electrifying!

21 Nov 2019

Welcome back to the 6LA blog families, friends and fans!


Over the last two weeks we have been working on electricity! We have learnt about the difference between a series and parallel circuit and testing out what happens to different circuits if we increase the amount of bulbs or batteries. At the moment we are in the process of creating greetings cards that use circuits in some unique way- by the end of the day you will get to see some uniquely creative ideas! 


Next Monday remember we have our trip to the Science Museum, where we will be following the 'Electrifying Electricity trail' and experiencing the wondrous Wonder Lab! Check out the Science Museum website for further details at:


Thank you once again to the parents who have been able to volunteer for this trip- it promises to be a fantastic experience!


Until next week,


Mr Anderson and Miss Begum