Year 6LA

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28 Nov 2019

Welcome back to the 6LA blog, families, friends and super fans!


This week we took ourselves off to the Science Museum on Monday where we took part in the 'Electrifying Electricity Trail' and visited the Wonder Lab. Here we managed to try out different experiments involving friction, air resistance, electricity, light and many more areas of our Science learning- it was great to see everyone having so much fun with Science! Check out some of the pictures in our gallery!


Tomorrow, we will be having our tree-planting ceremony where we will all go to the common at the start of the day dressed in our Happy Hampers clothes- remember the expectation is that we are all wearing green and/or brown and dressed with appropriate footwear to visit the common- it may get rather muddy! Remember to bring a spare pair of shoes that you can change into afterwards. I can't wait to share the pictures from this event!


Next week we will be beginning to build our model pulley cars- we have made the unusual but exciting decision to join together our two classes in Year 6 to give our classes the opportunity to work with new people- we're intrigued to see which pair are able to work together best! At the end of our Design and Technology fortnight, we will hopefully be able to present our creations to the nursery children to play with.


Until next time!


Mr Anderson and Miss Begum