Thursday 9th July

09 Jul 2020

Hello all! I hope you have had a good week. Don't forget the story session today at 2pm. 

Here are your tasks for today:


Have a look at some of the fruit or vegetables in your home.  Ask an adult if you can cut a piece of fruit one and have a look inside. Can you draw what you can see and label the fruit. Where is the skin? Seeds? Flesh?

Extra task: Can you try making some art work with food? Make sure you check with an adult first- maybe you could make your lunch into some art work! In class we are going to try painting with pasta, bread and orange peel!

Can you complete a survey in your house of your family’s favourite fruits? Maybe you could call some people you know and ask them too? Can you make a pictogram ot tally chart to share your results?


Here are a selection of other Eric Carle stories to listen to:

Don't forget to read different stories each day to help increase your vocabulary!