Monday 22nd June

22 Jun 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you have had a good weekend! For the next few weeks we will be focusing on books to do with minibeasts. 


Listen to this story... 


What minibeasts do you know? 

Creepy crawly collage: 

Go and find natural objects in your garden or on your walk. Can you make a minibeast collage? Collect flower petals, leaves, sticks and feathers. (Never pick wild plants, please only gather what’s fallen naturally to the ground.) You can make your creepy crawly on the floor or stick your items onto a piece of card. 

Minibeast hunt:

Now go on a hunt for creepy crawlies. Peep under stones and logs to find beetles, woodlice and centipedes! Make sure you keep a record of what minibeasts and how many you have found. 


Use to create a pictogram of minibeasts you have found on your minibeast hunt.   


Can you come up with different rhymes for minibeasts. Why not make up your own rhyming minibeast poem!