Monday 29th June

29 Jun 2020

Hello everyone I hope you have had a good weekend! Please keep an eye out for an email regarding Teams today! 
This week we will continue to focus on Minibeasts and will use the story 'Superworm' to help us. Just so you are aware, you will need playdough this week for some of the tasks. Here is a playdough recipe:

Here are your tasks for today: 


Listen to the story:


Make wiggly worms by threading penne pasta onto string\wool…paint the pasta first to create a multi-coloured worm!

Literacy- Worm drawing...draw a picture of the object you would turn into if you were Superworm! Then say the sentence …if I was Superworm, I would be a…

Phonics: Look at the pictures of the creatures from the story…what sound do they start with?


Maths- Make some playdough and create some different sized worms out of it! (Keep your worms for tomorrow's task too).