Africa and the Caribbean

15 Oct 2019

Hi everyone,

I can not believe it is nearly the end of Autumn term 1! We have been super busy taking part in Black History month and learning about the places Africa and the Caribbean. Last week we thought about Africa and read some stories by Eileen Browne that are set in African countries. Miss Jolly also popped over to Nursery to tell us all about the place she grew up; Uganda! 

This week we have started to focus on the Caribbean and are looking at books by the author Trish Cooke e.g. So much, full full full of love and Mr Pam Pam and the Halabazoo. You can find out more about her here

Just a few reminders:

1.The Nursery team are-

  • Miss Skates (the teacher)
  • Mrs Hussain and Ms Maryam (The Early years educators)- Mrs Hussain is in Nursery from Monday-Wednesday morning and Ms Maryam joins us Wednesday afternoon-Friday as they job share. 
  • Mrs Webb is here to be 1:1 support for a child in the class.
  • Miss Danielle is also here to be a 1:1 support for a child in the class.

2. Please remember your child needs a water bottle each day filled up with water only. 

3. On Friday 18th October all parents and careers are invited to the harvest assembly in the              main hall at 9am. After this you are invited to come and look at some of the work we have been doing around Black History month over the last two weeks. 

4. Next week it is half term!

Thanks for your continued support :)