Welcome to a new term...

05 Nov 2019

Hi Nursery parents,

We have just started a super busy term and have already got stuck into learning about different celebrations from around the world.

Last week we learnt all about the Hindu and Sikh festival Diwali. We read the story Rama and Sita and found out how Rama saved Sita from a ten headed monster! We also learnt that people who celebrate Diwali do this by tidying and cleaning their houses, create Rangoli patterns, visit a temple and light Diva lamps. We decided to use salt dough to create our own Diva lamps! Salt dough is a great resource to use to create different objects and is super easy to make. Check out this website so you can make your own creations from salt dough: 

This week we have started to think about Fireworks night! We have been thinking about firework noises and coming up with onomatopoeias! Nursery know so much about firework safety and we have been talking lots about the safety rules around fireworks and sparklers. I will give a sticker to the first child to tell me how old you have to be to be in charge of a firework?

All parents will have received the termly letter by the end of this week, which will have some important dates for your diary. Plus, please keep an eye on the notice board for any other important information.

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Skates and the Nursery team :)