Year 3EK

Wednesday 20th May

20 May 2020

Bear has spotted some geography on the blog and he is very excited! We hope you enjoyed the blog yesterday as well as the sunshine! Have a lovely day :)

Please remember that from tomorrow your home learning tasks will be on Microsoft Teams.  This means there will be no blog tomorrow.  The maths and geography tasks will be files that you access and answer on Teams.  We hope you will enjoy it, Year 5 and 6 love it!  

Miss Keegan and Ms Diego

Check out this Year 3 Talent Show entry, can you do the same?


Activity 1: Maths

Yesterday looked at just addition so today we are looking at just subtraction. Below is the link for the whiterose video. 

Watch Miss Keegan’s video for borrowing and exchanging reminders as well as further explanation for today’s worksheet. 


Activity 2: Geography

LO: To use aerial photos to identify differences and similarities between places. 

Today you will be comparing aerial photos. Aerial means photos taken from the air / above, in an aeroplane or helicopter. 

Task 1 

Pick Rio de Janeiro or Shenzhen.   

1) Describe the before photo and the benefits of living there. 

2) Describe the after photo and the benefits of living there.  

Task 2 

What does your before and after photo have in common or how are they the same/different? 


  1. a) What would happen if all cities expanded like this?
  2. b) What makes cities grow like this?


Activity 3: Handwriting

Activity 4: Spelling

Use the spelling words of the week to create a Telfer-scrabble or pyramid, see an example below. 

  • heard 
  • height 
  • heart 
  • history 




Article 31 (leisure, play and culture) 

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