Year 5RW

Friday 3rd April

03 Apr 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope the first 2 weeks of home learning activities have been good. The Easter holidays start today and we have set out some tasks for you to be getting on with over the next 2 weeks, these activities are more project based. We will still be setting mathletics, so keep an eye out for those (set on Fridays).

1) Please create an Easter bonnet with things you have at home. Miss Diplock is hoping to create a virtual exhibition to share Telferscot's Easter bonnets. Once you have created a marvellous bonnet please email a picture of you or a family member wearing it to your teacher.

A reminder of our emails:,

Below you can see a picture of Miss Bowater wearing an Easter bonnet when she was little and not looking too happy about it. We hope you are a lot happier making/wearing your Easter bonnets.

2) Miss Keegan has set a whole school Easter eco challenge, the details of which are printed in your home learning books. She would like you to create something useful out of recyling. Email your creations to us and also Miss Keegan at Some ideas might include a pen pot from an old can, a broom made from old plastic bottles and a watering can made from an old milk bottle. Be as creative as you want!

3) Miss Cannon, our Art Co-ordinator, has asked everyone to create a family portrait. This might be of the people you are living with right now, it could be your extended family or your friends as well. We have attached some ideas for different styles and techniques in the downloadable documents at the bottom.

4) Read a book, this could be a totally new book or one you've read many time before and grown to love. Once you have read it, write a book review for it. Remember to include:

  • The title, author and whether it is fiction or non-fiction.
  • A rating out of 5 stars.
  • A brief summary of the plot.
  • Who you would recommend it to and why.
  • A little bit about the author.
  • What similar books you have read (if any).

We wil try and share these with the class and start to build a collection of book reviews for Year 5 children.

5) Get involved with Comic Book Club! Thiago (Tom D's dad) has set up an amazing Comic Book Club, where you can create your own comics and share them with your friends online. Thiago will post a new task each Monday for you to do if you want to. The link for the website is here:

6) Check any mathletic tasks you still have to complete.

We hope you have a lovely Easter 'break' and enjoy the projects/tasks you have been set. We will posting again on Monday 13th April to check in. Please keep emailing us you fantastic work, it has been so lovely to see what you have been up to.


Please also see The Twits - Part 2:

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