Year 4JH

Sport Relief

16 Mar 2020

Hope you all enjoyed coming to school in your sports gear and getting involved in some physical activity. It was great fun and thanks to the parents who popped in too. 

In maths, we have been beginning to multiply 2 digit by 1 digit numbers. We started off using concrete objects like dienes and place value counters before moving onto partitioning the sum through whole part models. 

In English we have looked into the life of Dr Ruth Moore and will be creating our own fact file of the amazing woman. 

We finished off Science with melting a number of different objects to see how long it took them to melt, which we found out was dependant on the pull between the particles.

4JH are very excited to meet SF Said as we are only 50 pages away from finishing his amazing Varjak Paw book :)

Our vessel for the science experiment was also a success!


Mr Henry