Year 4JH

Nailed it!

05 Dec 2019

Well done to the whole of 4JH for absolutely smashing their assembly. We are very proud :) 

This week, we have started reading a class novel called ‘Krindlekrax’. We have looked into the character’s thoughts and feelings and will be writing our own diary entry as the character, Ruskin.

It is assessment week which means we have been completing some end of term assessments. They have been going pretty well so far. It is a great way to give us a baseline of what they can do on their own. However, as teachers, we are more than aware that this is not the only way we can find out this information. 

We have a trip coming up on Monday. I have spoken to the parents of those who will be helping out (Oli Underhill, Steven and Zara) but thank you to everyone who offered their services. 

We also had to chance to perform our percussion piece live in front of KS2 as we weren’t able to do so in our assembly. 

Mr H 

P.S. Check out the photos Miss Keegan took of our class in the Steve McQueen exhibition at Tate Britain.