Year 4JH

Surviving Carroty Wood

05 Oct 2019

Hello and a massive well done to everyone for arriving back from Carroty Wood in one piece :)

We’ve not bad the best attendance this week as a result of Carroty Wood and some children being shattered from competing in a triathlon but hopefully next week the children will be much better. 

In Maths, we have been looking into adding and subtracting using the column method but trying to consolidate this by using pictorial representations to explain exactly what’s happening to the numbers. 

In English this week, we have been writing our own survival guides for the Year 3s going to Carroty Wood. We’ve focused on using tame fronted adverbials in our work and had an editing session to make them as amazing as possible. We even had at go at exploring these guides through drama!

We will be looking into the amazing life of Maya Angelou over the next few weeks for Black History Month. We will have a permanent display board in our classroom so any extra work or good homework will make its way up on the board.