Year 1RR

Happy new year

09 Jan 2020

Welcome back, 

Happy new year to you all. I hope you and the children are happy to be back. 

We are ploughing ahead this term with some amazing topics. This week is week 1 of our history block about Kings and Queens. The children are loving the topic of what makes someone a royal. Most of the class have said, to be a royal you must be:

- rich

- have a crown

- live in a castle

- have a red carpet wherever you walk

In maths we have been looking at Tens and Ones columns, they are grasping the concept very well.

In English we are reading Princess Smartypants (they absolutely love the title) and unpicking why she maybe nice or a mean princess.


Next Friday, 17th January we will be having a sport themed mufti day and having a surprise guest coming in. We ask if you could donate £2 each also please.

Have a good remainder of the week


Miss Reid