Year 1RR

Wednesday 3rd June

03 Jun 2020

Welcome to the last day of the blog!

Following the email from 2 days ago, this will be the last blog post of work. We will be moving to Microsoft Teams. We hope you all have your login details.


Home Learning


Remember if the half term maths work was not completed please look back at the post from yesterday to find the material. 

If you did here is more revison but, this time it is on subtraction. I have attached the work to the post. Enjoy!


LO: I know the main writing rules and can use them when I write a sentence.

We have been away from school for a long time so today we are going to check that we haven’t forgotten our really important writing rules.


Starter: Lets play a game! Use your whiteboards to write a sentence. Can you make sure you use all the writing rules in your sentence? (For those who don’t know what to write model a simple sentence like, ‘ My name is Louis, I love eggs.’


What are our writing rules?

How many can you remember?

Have we found them all? (Tick the ones you have used to write your sentences).



  1. Start each sentence with a capital letter.
  2. Start from the left.
  3. Use finger spaces.
  4. Finish with a full stop (or other punctuation).
  5. Neatest handwriting.


Which ones are you good at?

Which ones do you forget?


Today we are going to practice writing out our writing rules as neatly as possible.

You are going to write out your writing rules as neatly as possible in your book! Make sure you use all of your rules! 

Extension – chn to choose 3 sentences of their own to write and practice using all the rules to write them.

Then we can look back at them before doing neat writing and remind ourselves.


TOPIC - Geography-

LO: To observe the school environment. 

So cast your minds back to when we were altogether and roaming the school freely. Here are some pictures of places around the school, can you guess where they are?


- what are they used for?

- can we use these place for anything else?


Task- Close your eyes and imagine you were at the front gate of the school (facing the school). Can you draw from memory what you see?

- is there a playground?

- are there flowers?

Have a go and see what you can remember.


Have fun and we will hear from you soon,

Miss Reid and Mr.Beazley