Year 1LB

STEM week

12 Mar 2020

Hello from the dockyards!


This term definitely has a oceanic theme! Captain Beazley has been replaced by Chief Engineer Beazley as the 1LB boat builder construct a school winning ferry for a gingerbread person!


Tomorrow is Sports Relief and you are all welcome to join us for the 30 minutes of the day to do a little exercise and release those good endorphins! I am not going to give too much away just now but make sure you wear your PE kits!


This week we have been creating a biography of Jane Goodall in English and the children have been learning about the third person (a surprisingly difficult subject to teach)! 


In maths we have been looking at volume (quantity not sound) and the children have been using rice to fill up lots of containers wherever they can find them!


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 



Mr. Beazley