Year 2LK

Friday 3rd April - Y2 Home Learning

03 Apr 2020


Firstly, we just want to say a huge WELL DONE (to all of you, including parents)! You have now been officially home learning for 2 weeks and from the photos and emails we have been receiving, we couldn't be more proud of the things you get up to as families during this precious time that you get to spend together. This is a situation that we have never been in before and is completely out of our control and you are all handling it so well. Thank you for your continuous support and co-operation. You are all a dream!

This will be your last day of daily tasks (pending...) but please check back in on Monday where we will post an Easter blog with activity ideas that you could do over the 2 week Easter holiday!

Parent message: Just a bit of admin info - We understand that a lot of you may not have printers at home and we just want to make it clear that we don't expect you to print off any of the activities we post on here. The children can simply pop the answers straight into their learning home learning books. See the examples above.

However, you will, unfortunately, need a laptop or tablet in order to access the blog and open up any resources that we have given you. A phone may work but the screen might be a tad on the small size. All of the resources we post are given as support as we are trying our best to give you the tools to support your children the best you can.

Here are your daily tasks:


Read the poem, 'On Some Other Planet'. 

On this planet, where someone like you lives, what is their home like? Who is in their family? Do they have brothers or sisters? How about a pet? What do you think alien pets look like? Describe the home and family of the alien who is 'just like you' but on another planet!


-Don't forget to use interesting sentence openers e.g. I believe that, I strongly feel that...

-Lots of adjectives and description e.g. The alien owns a silky dog who doesn't have fur but has skin as smooth as petals from a flower. 

-Capital letter and full stops.

-Conjunctions e.g. and, or, but, so, because, when, if, that...




Following on from our fractions activity yesterday, can you complete the maths quiz attached? Remember, it is not necessary to print out the quiz. You can write the answer directly in your home learning book, just remember to reference the question number or letter in the margin. 

One top tip to remember: When you are finding a fraction, the parts have to be EQUAL.

Here is a little warm up before you start the quiz:


Have an amazing Easter holidays everyone!

Mrs King and Miss Choudhry