Year 2LK

Black History Learning

11 Oct 2019

Hi 2LK!

We have had a great week learning about an inspiring painter and writer - Faith Ringgold. We have looked at her artwork and read her children's story 'Tar Beach', which is set in New York City, where she was born. 

English: We have been sequencing the story 'Tar Beach' and thinking of ideas to create our own stories in the same style. 

Maths: We have been learning about 'Bridging through ten'. Here is a link to help explain. 

Art: We are going to do fabric paintings next week, taking inspiration from Faith Ringgold's art. We have done our designs. 


Here is a video of Faith Ringgold reading the story 'Tar Beach'.


Thank You

A big thank you to Tia (Joe's Mummy) who came in to talk about South Africa and Nelson Mandela. The children were really inspired and had so many questions!


Have a great weekend

Mrs King