Year 2LK

Collages, place value and letter writing!

13 Sep 2019

Hi 2LK!

We have had a very busy week creating our collages that are a nice reflection of 'who we are'. Thank you for collecting the images as your homework. You all thought very carefully about where to stick them on your picture and they look amazing!

Other things we have learnt this week:

English - We have been learning about the important parts of a letter:- Date, who it is to, introductory sentence outlining what the letter is about, the main part, finishing sentence and who it is from. Today we are going to write a special letter to our 'future' selves in our composition books!

Maths - We have been learning how to partition a 2-digit number using part whole models and tens and ones. We have even been learning how to partition a number in different ways. For example: 30 + 6 = 36 but also, 23 + 13 = 36. We have used our tens and ones equipment to find out how many tens are in each number and then how many ones.

Next week

We will be doing lots of science lessons on healthy eating!

International Night

Don't forget to come along to International Night on Friday 20th September from 6.30pm. You are welcome to bring a dish!

Have a great weekend

Mrs King :)