Year 2LK

Summer 2 Week 5

04 Jul 2019

Hello eveyone!

I hope you are all well! This term has flown by in class, lots of interesting learning and ever so slightly warm with the class in one room. The term is nearing its end and we are looking at some of our most advanced work so far. 


All of the children in 1LB have made startling progress this year, when I mark books at the moment I keep on having to go back and look at the work that we were doing at the start of the year and the difference is huge! I am really proud of all the progress that has been made, but its not over yet.

This week we have been looking at time which has been great preparation for sports day, lots of questions about racing and working out slower and faster in seconds, minutes and hours (hopefully we won't be timing to many races in hours tomorrow). The children have cemented their learning from earlier this year and are getting more competent at read a clock (conveniently our class clock has just given up the ghost so make sure you give the kids lots of opportunities to test their knowledge at home). 

We are also doing science at the moment and we are looking at different groups of animals in more detail, particularly mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The children have done very well identifying and classifying different beasties. 

I look forward to seeing you all at sports day tomorrow, makes sure you bring water and suncream!

Mr. Beazley