Year 2LK

Welcome to Year 2!

10 Sep 2019

Hi 2LK!

I hope you have had a lovely summer and are ready for an exciting year in Year 2!

We had an excellent first day back, drew self-portraits, recapped on counting in tens and created a thought shower all about ourselves!

We reminded ourselves of the school rules and how to sit sensibly during carpet learning time!

Art Project 

Next week, we will be creating a collage that reflects 'who we are'. Over the weekend, please could you look for images (in magazines, newspapers, photos that you don't mind cutting out) that might reflect who you are, your hobbies and interests, family, where you're from etc. Collect as many as possible and bring them in on Monday ready for collaging. 

Meet the Teacher 

Next Wednesday 1th September, you are invited to pop-in and meet me and have a chance to chat about theyear ahead. You will be given some handy handouts to help you support your child at home. 

My email is in case you need to contact me at any time. 


Have a great weekend

Mrs King