Year 6NP

Friday 3rd April 2020

03 Apr 2020

Welcome back to the Year 6 blog families, friends and superfans!

It is Friday!! For today's task we would like you to use a page from Miss Philpotts' dictionary of difficult words to write a story! The story can be of any genre and if you'd like to do it in comic strip form then please do! If you are writing this in your home learning books, it should be no longer than two A4 pages. Perhaps it will be about a little, old man who loves to talk lots and dance in a red tutu? Who knows! It is up to you! The challenge is to use as many of these words as possible. As it is Friday, we will use words beginning with F! There are 8. How many can you include? 

 If you'd really like to impress us, see how many of these you can include:

- Expanded Noun Phrases
- Subordinate Clauses
- Fronted Adverbials
- Relative Clauses
- Passive Voice
- Direct Speech


Over the Easter break we would like you to complete the following fun activities!

  • Miss Keegan has set a whole school eco challenge, the details of which are printed in your home learning book: your mission is to create something useful out of recycling. Challenge yourself to be creative with this, could you make some form of game that you could play with your family? A utensil that you could use in the kitchen, garden or for a DIY project?
  • Miss Diplock has requested that we all wear and take a photo of an Easter bonnet (including any family members who don't mind being online!) to email to Miss Philpotts and myself over the holidays. It would be great to create a whole school virtual Easter bonnet parade somehow!
  • Inspired by Miss Cannon, our art co-ordinator, we would like you to create your own family portrait. This could be a picture of the people that you are in self-isolation with or your wider family and friends! We have included on the blog some ideas from renown artists to inspire you but again be creative- perhaps your picture will show your family on zoom, house party or other long distance communication software? 

          - A brief plot summary with key information about the main characters

          - The genre (comedy, romance, adventure, thriller, horror)

          - What were your thoughts about it before and after you read it- would you                            recommend?

          - Short biography about the author – what else have they written? How long have                   they been a writer for?

          - What other books that you have read are similar to this?

  • You may have heard that the ExCel building in London is being made into a makeshift hospital- NHS Nightingale. They have asked, to brighten the ward, that children send in bright and beautiful drawings, perhaps of rainbows. If you are interested in doing this please share your finished creations on twitter using #RainbowsForNightingale so they are able to see.


  • Finally, remember to refer back to previous activities posted in the blog and in your home learning books. Have you completed all these to the best standard? If not, use this time to help catch up!


We will be taking a short break in our blog communication but don’t worry we will be back in touch next Friday (9th April) to see how you are all getting on and to post some of the wild things that we have got up to. New daily activities will start up as usual from Monday 20th April.