Year 5HB

Happy Halloween

31 Oct 2019

Hello everyone.


I hope you all had a fantastic half term and are excited to be back at school, this coming term tends to be the busiest, we have so many exciting things planned.

This week and next week we are focusing on geography. For our first lesson we were locating continents and oceans and identifying countries. For this we used Google Earth, atlases and world maps. We also had a go at recognising different countries around the world by their shape - this proved to be quite tricky!

We are about to start reading Holes by Louis Sachar, a story set in Texas, this links into our geography very well as we start to study the four biomes of Texas and start a comparison with the UK. 


Please keep in mind the following dates for exciting things coming up over the next term:

Next week will be the parent conferences: Wednesday 6th (4-7pm) and Thursday 7th (4-6:30pm) November.

Our trip to the Greenwich Observatory will be on Monday 11th November.

And of course our final Shakespeare performance will be Thursday 27th November.


We can't wait to share all or hard work with you over the next few weeks.