Year 5HB

Less Than a Week to Go

21 Nov 2019

Hello everyone,

Our Shakespeare performance is now less than a week away, we having been rehearsing every afternoon. We performed to 4TC and 5RW on Tuesday and it was our best performance yet, we have managed to get our performance down to 30 minutes, which is a big contrast to when we started rehearsing, it used to take us 1 hour.

We are starting to get ready with our costumes and the excitment is building.

We have continued our science learning this week, researching different facts about the planets and looking at their distance from the sun! It has been hard to get our heads around.

We have also been looking at the UNCRC as a Rights Respecting School and understanding why it is so important that children have rights that a respected.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


Miss Bowater