Year 5HB

Today we are astronauts

14 Nov 2019

Hello again,


I hope you are all well. We had such an exciting trip on Monday, we were lucky enough to travel to Greenwich Observatory and experience their planetarium. We learnt so much about the planets and we were even informed about the rare appearance of Mercury and it's trek across the sun. This was happening whilst we were in the planetarium and only happens about 13 times a century. See the video below to watch Mercury travelling in front of the sun.


This week is Anti-bullying week. We have continued to read Holes, our class book and have started to study the freindships within the book. We have thought about relationships and given advice to the characters.


On Tuesday we talked about ways bullying could be reduced in schools, as a result 5HB is going to have a worry box, where children can post any worries or concerns that can then be addressed.

Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Bowater