Year 5HB


19 Sep 2019

Another week is almost over! We have had another exciting week!


On Monday we looked at Roman Numerals in maths, we made numbers using toothpicks! Most of our numbers were within 10 but we challenged ourselves with some much trickier ones too! Look at the pictures above, can you work out which numbers we have made?


On Tuesday we had to work together to find the 'criminal' responsible for stealing chemicals from the science cupboard! We found a crime scene with three different pens and some finger prints and had to use our science knowledge to find out 'whodunnit'! We tested the pens using chromatography and studied the finger prints (we also got to look at our own finger prints). This was a very exciting afternoon and we worked out who the criminal was!


This Friday is International evening (6:30-8:30), and we hope to see many of you there! 

I was born in a town in the UK which is sometimes referred to as 'doughnut city' and it is also the place where Jane Austin did her shopping!

Can you work out where I was born?

Use the links below for the answer.



I hope you have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sunshine on Saturday! I look forward to starting Shakespeare next week!


Miss Bowater