Year 4TC

Wednesday 20th May

20 May 2020

Good Morning Year 4

Today is the last day that we will be using the blog to post your daily activities! From tomorrow you will need to log into Microsoft Teams to find your daily tasks. An email will be sent out later today with login details and information on how to use Teams. We will use Teams in a very similar way to the blog. So everyday you login, you will find a daily assignment that will explain your English, Maths and topic tasks for the day. There might be some documents or worksheets attached. Just like the blog! The great thing about Teams is that your can upload you finished work (a photo or document) to an assignment so that your teachers can see you work.



LO: To interpret a character’s thoughts and feelings

Today you are going to make a mind map of how you think the Little Boat would be feeling and what it would be thinking during its journey. I have attached a worksheet to help you with this.


LO: To find equivalent fractions

Head back to the whiterose website and watch the video for lesson 3 which is about equivalent fractions. Then complete the worksheet at the end of the blog.


Today you are free to carry on with your research task on the South Pacific Islands. You might want to extend your research by looking at the impact climate change has had on the islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Here is a video that explains how climate change is having an impact and what is being done to help many islands in the South Pacific.




Don’t forget to log into Teams tomorrow for your daily tasks!


Miss Cannon and the Year 4 Team!