Year 4TC

Friday 3.4.20 Daily Tasks

03 Apr 2020

The end of the second week!

I think I can speak for Miss Cannon too in saying that we have really appreciated and enjoyed seeing how hard you have all been working during this tough time. Every email we receive puts a smile on our faces :)

Chloé has sent in some pictures of her times table game. Have a look in the gallery. 

Check out everyone's crazy hairstyles and a few other updates!

Activity 1 - English

Task 1 - Comprehension questions

LO - To answer questions about a text

We hope you enjoyed the snippet from Monday. Read pages 13, 14, 15 and 16 of 'The Outlaw Varjak Paw' carefully and answer the questions below in full sentences. Go back to the blog for Monday 30th March and scroll to the bottom to find the PDF with the extract.


1) On page 13, it says 'Sirens wailed in the city night.'. What do you think it means by the word wail? Can you think of something else that might 'wail'?


2) Who were the 2 cats/captains that Varjak recognised from Sally Bones's gang?


3) What happened the last time Varjak met the tiger-striped tomcat he recognised?


4) 'Her whiskers stiff with tension.' How was Holly feeling at the exact point in the story? Can you think of some other words to describe how she might feel?  


5) Can you find 3 times when an apostrophe for possession is used and 3 times when an apostrophe is used for a contraction on pages 13, 14, 15 and 16?


6) Would you like Cludge to be your friend? Can you explain why?


Activity 2 - Art

Task 1 - Non-dominant drawing

We would like you to choose a London landmark of your choice and have a go at sketching it with your weaker/non-dominant hand.

Can you guess what London landmark has been drawn above? 

Email us your efforts!


Riddle of the day 

The answer to yesterday's riddle is 'fire'.

Today's riddle is 'I have forests but no trees. I have lakes but no water. I have roads but no cars. I have cities but no people. What am i?'.


Easter Holidays

It is now officially the beginning of the Easter holidays. Although it may feel like you have been on holiday this whole time (hopefully you've still been working as hard as you would've been in school) we will now be giving you a couple of longer tasks that you can do over the next couple of weeks. Please also ensure that you use any of the home learning activites/links that have been provided to also do some extra work yourselves. 

The next blog after this one will be on Monday 13th April where we will be checking in to see how you're doing and also give you a few more tasks that you'll be able to get your teeth stuck into. 

Easter Activity 1

LO - To create a family portrait

As you have been spending so much time with your families, we would like you all to create a family portrait. This is a picture of you and everyone at home. If you'd like to include some other relatives in this portrait then please feel free :)

Below is a document attatched in the 'downloads' section that has a wide range of different ideas you could use for inspiration. Use of different materials to create the portrait as well as different artists styles etc. 

Really take your time doing these and send of pictures of the finished products. 

Easter Activity 2 

LO - To write a poem

For your second Easter task, we would like you to write a poem about how you have found your time away from school. You might want to write about:

  • Who you're at home with
  • What you have been up to 
  • What you are missing most

Try to think about the amount of syllables in each line so it has a good rhythm, making the poem rhyme and using metaphors/similes/personification.


Remember to check the blog on Monday 13th April for some updates, pictures and new tasks!


Happy holidays and stay safe,

Team 4