The staff and governors of the school are fully committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all the children.

We value and respect each pupil's background culture and experience and we encourage mutual respect. We aim to create a friendly, secure environment where the children are encouraged to learn academic, creative, expressive and social skills that will enable them to develop into happy, independent, disciplined and well motivated people.

The staff and Governors of Telferscot Primary School  believe that the learning at our school should:

Motivate and Challenge: ensuring that the whole learning experience motivates children and challenges them to be the best they can be

Be Creative and Inspirational:  children's development requires the recognition and nurturing of artistic and creative talent

Promote and Foster life long learning: in order to equip children to start their journey through life as learners who achieve their full potential

Provide Equal Opportunities:  giving all children full access to the curriculum and ever aspect of learning at school

Provide opportunities for co-operative and collaborative work: enabling children to develop personal and social skills, working together in the spirit of community

Develop Positive Self Esteem:  developing the skills to believe in themselves and work positively towards success.