We have been so busy with our Music,both out and about and at school, we have had diverse experiences and really enjoyed them all!

A visit: One of our parents and cellist Sian Kadifachi came to play to Year 3 and support our work on orchestral instruments and Carnival of the Animals.

Class 1LJ just finishing their boom-whacker rehearsal and ready to perform a class piece, ‘Popcorn’, to visiting Year 3 pupils.  Y3 were so impressed they wanted to have a go themselves!

2JD learning their treble clef notes on the giant stave.

Year 3 pupils busy creating their own animal pieces to perform to Year 1.

4PB pupils showing their scores and ready to play their own versions of Grieg’s ‘Hall of the Mountain King’.

Year 5 pupils enjoy a percussion workshop from visiting musicians The Rig.  Here they can be seen honing their listening skills on a sound machine.

RFH Infant Choir pic – the Y1 & 2 choir on stage at the Royal Festival Hall for Lambeth Music Festival.

Wembley pic – Y5 & 6 pupils proudly representing Telferscot at the Wembley Arena Voice in A Million concert.

Year 2: 

2JD1 & 2JD3: Year 2 pupils writing their own four beat rhythms to teach their classmates.

Year 3:
Telferscot Year 3 pupils, staff and parents enjoying a break during a concert at Graveney secondary school.



 Telferscot pupils on the edge of their seats during the concert at Graveney secondary school.



Year 4
Pupils writing their own beat box rhythms ready for performance in class

Year 5

 Class concert featuring string instrumentalists.



Year 6

The composer Steve Reich is 80 this year, so Year 6 pupils have been looking at his music and having a go on the challenging Steve Reich Clapping Music app. Next week the class is going to LSO St Lukes venue to listen to music which has influenced his groundbreaking career.


Here are some photos of our Y4 & Y5 in Music doing body percussion duets and some children leading whole class 3 part body percussion pieces. 



We will update this page with more details of our Music lessons- please check back with us!