Forest schools

Forest School at Telferscot supports children in developing their independence, confidence and self-esteem through taking part in activities which also develop their skills in interacting with the natural environment. The aim is for the youngest children in the school to have the experience of developing outdoor skills supported by adults.

After a child attends Forest School they should have an increased ability to;

  • Appreciate the natural environment around them.
  • Respect and care for the local environment.
  • Work cooperatively in groups and with increasing respect for one another.

Forest School sessions are carefully planned out and are structured in a way to encourage discovery within a safe environment, with a very positive atmosphere. The children will go in groups of 15, with the other half of the class having Forest School the week after. The sessions will run for about 45 minutes, with a focussed activity taking place, such as whittling wood, collecting natural objects or making transient art. At the end of the session a small fire will be lit and hot chocolate warmed up for the children to share. There will be a first aider involved in Forest School activities. We are so lucky to have the Common on our doorstep and we will use this space regularly to forage for natural materials, play games, etc. Outdoor activities should always be conducted with safety in mind and the activities are risk assessed as appropriate. The areas used for Forest School which will usually be behind the School House or the common, will be checked for hazards before an activity takes place.

Before Forest School the children will go to the toilet and put on their wellies. If your child could bring in a waterproof and a pair of wellies (that could be left at school) it would be very helpful. Forest School should take place in any weather and the children and adults should wear the appropriate clothing for the environment. In extreme weather conditions activities will take place in the classroom or hall.

Forest School uses equipment that is so important for children to know how to use safely. Before each activity there will be a ‘tool talk’ to discuss how to use the tool safely and the use of tools will always be modelled. Tools will only be introduced when the children are developmentally ready to use them.

Please have a look at our lovely Forest School photos! Take a look at us learning how to plant carrots. We have also learnt about Beekeeping, Bug habitats & visited Rosendale Allotments to see how others grow!

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