More Able Learners

At Telferscot we understand that all children, including the more able pupils, require support and challenge in their learning in order to make progress and reach their full potential. We strongly believe that engaging teaching and learning for all is the key to securing achievement for every child. Through our teaching and activities the more able pupils are given a wide variety of exciting challenges and experiences, developing the ability to question, explain, persevere, communicate their thoughts and take risks in their learning whilst building relationships.

Here at Telferscot, we use the term ‘more able’ to refer to pupils who demonstrate or have the potential to work at a level above their peers; this means they are exceeding the National Curriculum expectations for their age. This may be in one or more areas of learning. We ensure all our children are extended and stretched to reach their full potential and our teachers have high expectations for pupils in their class and offer challenging work in all lessons.

At Telferscot, we support our more able pupils by giving them opportunities for open ended tasks, higher order thinking challenges and extension activities. In class children work in a range of ways; ability groups, mixed ability, paired work and independent work. We use a variety of teaching styles and a range of higher level questions to stimulate critical thinking. In addition to these, we also offer opportunities for children to take part in enhancement activities, such as Maths Olympiads and Science workshops with other local schools. This helps the children to develop confidence and leadership skills.

To find out more about More Able at Telferscot, please speak to Mr Cooper, Deputy Head.