PE, Sport & Healthy Lifestyles

First and foremost, our aim at Telferscot Primary School is to promote and encourage life-long participation in physical activity. This coincides with promoting healthy and active lifestyles from as early in their school careers as possible. We aim to achieve this through other subjects in our curriculum such as PSHE and Science in addition to PE.

Pupils are offered a wide range of ways to stay active outside of PE lessons. Children have access to yoga, swimming and special dance lessons run by the Rambert dance company. The staff at Telferscot are offered a weekly circuit training session to keep them all active too!

PE Lessons

PE lessons at Telferscot are delivered by the PE specialist company, Moving Matters. We cover a broad range of different sports over the course of the year including: throwing & catching invasion games, hockey, gymnastics, cricket and more! There are many transferable skills between the sports covered so we try and build on these as much as possible. During lessons, children are taught isolated skills, how to use these skills in an activity, given an opportunity to apply these in some small and competitive contexts before bringing everything together in a fully competitive situation. EYFS focus more on story/theme based learning and exploration of different movements.

We enter competitions/tournaments over the year in tag rugby, football, netball, swimming galas and more. This provides an opportunity for the children to put their skills to the test as well as show off their great teamwork.

Some of our aims in PE:

  • Develop fundamental movement skills
  • Create an understanding of rules and regulations for sport
  • Develop fair play, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Encourage passion for physical activity
  • Improve well-being



After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of sports in our after school club programme that echoes some of what is being delivered in our PE curriculum. Football, cricket, netball, tag rugby, ballet, hip-hop and jazz dance, gymnastics and running club are some of the sports clubs we offer. This also provides another opportunity for pupils to showcase their skills and potentially be chosen to represent the school in competitions and tournaments.


Sports Day

Sports Day is the pinnacle of our sports calendar. Our annual KS2 Sports Day takes place at Tooting Athletics Track in the summer term. It is an amazing day for children, staff and parents/guardians which will hopefully made better by some glorious weather. Be sure to also bring your running shoes and look out for the parent and staff races! The day consists of 4 different events: Long jump, Shot-putt, sprint races and Javelin. All children have the opportunity to compete in all of these events while representing their houses, in an attempt to help them accumulate the greatest possible points tally!

EYFS/KS1 Sports Day takes place a little later on in the summer term. The venue for this event is Tooting Bec Common which is located about a 3 minute walk from the school gate. This annual event is also a great spectacle for parents and guardians where they can come and support their little ones as they make their way through a number of fun activities. Some of these events include: egg and spoon races, obstacle course runs, fancy dress relay races, welly wanging and more!

We have some sporting updates that you can check out on our sports blog!