Trips and Journeys

Year 1 Visit to Princess Diana Memorial Playground.

We believe that children should experience as many opportunities for learning as possible, supplementing and enhancing our diverse, creative curriculum. Trips out of school that are linked to learning in school have a huge impact on the child’s motivation to learn and the stimulus for further research back at school. Participating in school trips will encourage the development of independence, confidence and contribute to learning important life skills.

Telferscot is within easy reach of a wealth of opportunities for learning using free public transport. Children have access to art galleries, museums, theatres, concert halls and the countryside as well. The school is committed to children experiencing as many trips as possible – linked to curricular work and trips that are lifetime experiences.

We have a commitment that every child at Telferscot will see a theatre performance and visit a gallery or museum at least once every academic year.


Residential Visits

All children are given the opportunity to participate in residential visits during Years 3,4, 5 and 6. The purpose of the visits are to supplement the PE curriculum, provide opportunities for team building, increased self-confidence and allow opportunities to participate in adventurous outdoor activities. The residential trips supplement the broader curriculum and link to the taught curriculum planned for that year group.

All residential visits are organised through reputable, recognised companies. Risk assessments are examined and the children will only work with qualified instructors. The school uses the risk assessments provided by the recognised company – approved by the Governing Body.

Participation in residential trips is voluntary although strongly advised. All children are given access to residential trips regardless of financial or personal circumstances. Children with SEN are accommodated wherever possible.


Health and Safety on Educational Visits

All educational visits are fully risk assessed by the lead teacher. A member of the senior leadership team checks that all procedures are followed and sign off every trip before children are permitted to leave the school site. Lead adults have a clear protocol to follow in case of emergency or critical incident.


Parent Helpers on Educational Visits

We are very grateful to the many parents who give up their time to accompany classes on education visits. Many trips would not be possible without this additional adult support. When additional adults are needed for an educational visit, a request will be made by the class teacher on the trip letter. On some trips, places of additional adults are limited, so teachers will then notify parents as soon as possible if their assistance will be required.


Charging Policy for Trips

Costs are kept to a minimum and are suggested contributions for trips.

At times funds are raised to offset the cost of trips.

For residential trips, subsidies are made for assisted places and wherever possible the school will help with payments when requested.

All costs for trips are agreed with the Head or Deputy in consultation with the School Business Manager. Please contact Maria Oasis in the office if you would like to discuss trip payments.


A tube train full of pupils and kind parent helpers. Parents are encouraged to accompany classes
on trips regularly...we couldn't do it without their support!