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Family Workshops Festival of Arts and Literature Day

26 Mar 2020

On Saturday, many students and parents gathered for the Festival of Arts and Literature for a day of creative workshops and family learning. The day started with The Young Makers leading creative warm ups, these four creative workshops included, mystery pillow case, lantern painting, blindfolded drawing, macrame & Shibori. These fun and exciting warm ups lead the parents and children onto their morning workshops, they had a choice of printmaking, fabric collage and drawing with stitch as well as photography.

Young Makers getting ready to lead their groups for creative activities.


In photography the family pairs worked together using props that stood out against the backgrounds, but contrasting this they got the adults to blend into the backgrounds, by also making the image darker. They then experimented with using different coloured sheets on the floor and using them as backdrops to creative scenes and try to convey a message through their photography.


Student example from the Photography Workshop.


In printmaking the families layered and changed the colours to creative exciting and vibrant prints, they experimented with printing on varied materials, such as paper and fabrics. A lovely quote from a student was that “it was the best thing so far” and also that she “enjoys using different colours”


Printmaking Workshop example using relief printmaking techniques.

The family pairs in fabric collage and drawing with stitch, explored exciting ways in which they could portray an image through layering fabrics and experimenting and drawing with stitching. 

Lovely Butterfly

Then during the Family Picnic Lunch, The Young Makers gave out fun family parlour games with an art twist, such as consequences/ exquisite corps and art google wobble which can be played as a memory game/ snap or charades.



After the fun break The Young Makers lead another creative warm up that this time had Shibouri on the menu and then we went back into our workshops, the afternoon workshops included sculpture with modroc, jewellery, beadmaking and more and also photography.


In jewellery and beadmaking the students and parent pairs, worked together to create beautiful clay beads and keyring’s. The families were given different strings to incorporate a range of exciting colours into the jewellery- everyone was very busy!

Sculpture and Modroc included the family pairs each making a sculpture, they created a wire skeleton of the sculpture called an armiture and built it from there by using materials like paper, card and plastic air bubbles, they then used the plaster rolls to shape the sculpture. Later students could paint their creations with Acrylic paint.

It was such a lovely day packed with activities to get families talking, playing and creating together. As a school greatly value creative learning of all kinds and are so pleased that we could offer this to our families.

This article was written by our Young Maker Orla- who produced and documented the web content for the day.

Thank you to all the Young Makers, many of whom are ex- Telferscot pupils who took part in the Arts Award when at our school and have grown up to join in and lead creative family learning activities as well as continue to persue their own creative journeys.