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New Year's 'Om'

13 Jan 2017

We have been practicing Yoga at Telferscot for over a decade and well over 3,000 pupils have benefited with an early start to a practice that helps calm & relax children, as well as provide non competitive exercise. We love our competitive sports at school, but it’s also great to find an activity that focuses on mind and body in equal measure with which there is no one to compete.

Yoga in school can help:

  • Reduce stress- Focusing on learning new skills, controlled breath & quiet meditation during sessions.
  • Develop self-awareness & improve self esteem- Children marvel at what their bodies can do and developing self-awareness along with happy hormone endorphins all contribute to a healthier wellbeing inside & out.
  • Increase flexibility- Learning poses and gaining strength and flexibility.
  • Encourage focus- We learn best when we are not stressed, Yoga teaches the discipline of learning relaxation and calming skills & being present in the moment.
  • Fosters peer to peer kindness- Demonstrating equality of every pupil & often working in partners to encourage positive sharing & development.

Yoga is not just for children here as we also run weekly evening sessions for adults so if you fancy getting a little more ‘Om’ in your life please come and join in!

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Our yoga sessions are run by Tracy @ Yogawaves.