Chair's Update Meeting 29th September 2017

The Full Governing Body met on Friday 29 September 2017 for their first meeting of the academic year. This also provided an opportunity for Governors to spend the day in school to gain a greater understanding of how the school is functioning. Governors were invited to Pop Up Café to meet with parents and carers, which allowed them the chance to appreciate the exciting new playground equipment, the new play court and library area. Governors were delighted with the (almost) completed playground and agreed that when the library is finished, the children will have a special and enriching space to play and learn in.


At FGB the meeting, Governors carefully considered the FGB’s procedures and Committee structure for the year ahead.  Governors also discussed reports from the Headteacher; the Standards Committee, which considers pupil progress and teaching standards; the Resources Committee, which considers financial, staff and premises issues; the Inclusion Committee, which considers Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs; and the Pay Committee, which considers all teachers’ pay and progression.


Governors were pleased to note how well Telferscot children had performed in their SATs in the Summer term, and that overall attainment and progress is good across the school.

With regards to the building works, the Headteacher confirmed that two closure days had been agreed by the Chair of Governors to allow for the completion of further work to the school hall ceiling over the half term break. As part of the continuation of the programme of works, the old school kitchen building ‘TOK’ will provide a new home for the Extended Schools provision, and also much needed breakout classroom space. It is hoped that the TOK will be completed in early 2018. The Headteacher also appraised Governors of some exciting plans to enrich the delivery of the curriculum, and further develop a joy of learning in Telferscot children.


Following the expiry of Lucy Priest’s term, Emma Skates (Explorers class teacher) was elected as the new Staff Governor on 28 September by Telferscot staff. Governors looked forward to welcoming Emma to the next FGB meeting in November.


After the FGB meeting finished, Governors enjoyed lunch with the children in the school canteen, and commented on how well behaved Telferscot children were during their lunch break.


The day concluded with a meeting to plan for the year ahead. Succession planning was discussed in depth to ensure that the Governing Body was correctly constituted for the future. Governors carefully scrutinised the School Improvement Plan: this document is produced by the Senior Leadership team, with input from staff, to focus school improvement over a two year period. Governors offered constructive suggestions for the Senior Leadership Team to further clarify and develop the plan to enhance the school’s strategic priorities.


Governors also took this opportunity to conduct a self-audit of the Governing Body’s performance over the previous academic year. It was concluded that the Governing Body had enjoyed a successful year, and discussed ways in which it could further support the school in the future.


Overall, Governors were pleased to note that it had been a positive start to the academic year.


I look forward to updating you after the next FGB meeting on 20 November.


Celia Barret